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A Systematic Approach to Crash Analysis.

Xprts LLC is an organization dedicated to the systematic analysis of motor vehicle crashes. We evaluate the Occupant Protection System and vehicle structure as a whole to understand the accident dynamics.

Our team has investigated more than 1500 vehicular crashes including rollover, side and frontal impacts and the effect of crashworthiness on vehicle occupants over the last 15 years. Of those vehicles we have accidents involving heavy trucks, buses, SUV’s, pickups, vans, passenger cars, ATV's, Rhinos, and forklifts under a wide range of impact conditions.

We have accumulated an extensive reference library of data, documents and media.

Our experience in rollover accident analysis led us to develop the Jordan Rollover System (JRS) and an FMVSS 216 test fixture so we can measure roof strength, dynamic forces and evaluate occupant protection systems like seat belts and airbags. Sled tests can be run on seat backs and seats and for rear impacts. Now we have introduced virtual testing capabilities that enable the evaluation of virtually any impact configuration and type.

Vehicle and Testing Services:

  • Vehicle Procurement at Wholesale Prices
  • Secure Vehicle Storage
  • Exemplar Vehicle and Surrogate Inspections
  • 24/7 Subject Vehicle and Scene Inspections
  • Dynamic Rollover Testing on the JRS
  • Occupant Protection Tests of Seat Belts & Airbags
  • Sled Testing of Seats and Seat Backs


  • Ignition switch defect investigation - Team contributed to reports around the world relating the potential for over 300 fatalities associated with the GM ignition switch defect
  • Xprts team member on ABC's "Good Morning America"
  • Xprts petition to NHTSA resulting in airbag deployment defect investigations and recalls.
  • Vehicle fires created by engine compartment failures under high RPM conditions have led to occupant fatalities with the vehicle at rest.
  • Virtual testing of door latches shows the failure of 40 year old government test methods to prevent failures under rollover and 3D loading conditions.
  • Virtual test methods to advanced heavy truck fuel tank protection evaluation.
  • Heavy trucks fire probability 10 times higher than passenger cars under impact conditions.
  • US fire test methods fail to reflect US vehicle occupants in vehicle fires.
  • Overhead booms leading to excessive compartment intrusion in frontal and rollover crashes.
  • Retrofit protective devices provide significant improvements under rollover conditions to vehicles in the mining and pipeline industry.
  • Don Friedman from Xprts, LLC Petitions NHTSA to investigate Air Bag Deployment in Impala's.
  • Center for Auto Safey, Clarence Ditlow, writes to US Regulators about a software fault in passenger Air Bags. (read more)

Dynamic Rollover Tests by Vehicle:

For more on Rollover Research,
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Jordan Rollover System

Jordan Rollover System (JRS)
For more information on JRS testing,
Please visit our Testing Center Page


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